We’re a dynamic group of end-to-end real estate professionals who understand how important it is to give clients the best possible service, while delivering exceptional results. We know how to bring people and property together. We’re all heart when it comes to real estate.

Our collaborative approach and complementary skills have allowed us to redefine the traditional model. We have agility in the marketplace, embrace high ethical standards and strongly appeal to the buying demographic.

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, Team Smart is modern, progressive, innovative and solutions-based. We leverage emergent technologies and social media strategies to reach the widest possible markets and global communities.

Our team fosters a culture of partnership with clients where communication is key.

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Committed to Excellence

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. My communication background in radio broadcasting, event management, people management and customer experience builds strong client rapport. I’m a real people person, with a love for the Waikato region.

Real estate is largely about people. It’s about understanding clients’ needs and getting the right outcomes. Before, during and after a transaction, communication is critical; it makes all the difference. I’m acutely aware that clients are involved in one of the most significant financial commitments of a lifetime. That’s why I’m proactive. I reach out. Provide details and updates. I don’t wait to be asked.

Working in real estate also requires the ability to communicate with a network of professionals. My role, from start to finish, is to provide unparalleled service for best client outcomes.



Exceeding Expectations

Anyone like me, with three children, two dogs and a successful career, knows how important time management is. Life is a juggling act of various demands and I’ve learned how to use my time effectively, efficiently and productively.

My results haven’t come by chance, but through hard work, diligence and determination – and, importantly, communication expertise.

I love working with people and accompanying clients on their real estate journey. Helping them to attain their personal goals and aspirations is a very satisfying experience.

To ensure the best client outcomes, I bring industry knowledge and honed negotiation skills to every transaction across the business, covering both the lifestyle and residential sectors.


Personalized Approach

I’ve been part of the Lugton’s family for four years and am very much a Hamiltonian, having grown up in Dinsdale and Western Heights. As a teen I spent a lot of time on the Waikato River rowing for Hamilton Girls’ High and later in a coaching role.   

My background in customer service reflects my passion for working with people. Having previously owned an online business, my in-depth knowledge of social media and the importance of a strong marketing presence is a strength I bring to the team.

My specialty within Team Smart is working with buyers to find the home that is the perfect match. I’m on it. You’ll find me right there with honest advice, a friendly smile and a stellar mix of confidence and empathy.